It's a tradition in TV to thoroughly embarrass the presenters when the series has ended. The Director and Producer reckon that its going to be weeks before they have to face Penny and I again and hope that by which time we will have forgotten about the humiliating sequence of out takes they broadcast. Such is the secrecy attached to such shows, Penny and I have only been shown the script to link the Vat's (video tapes) so we will be sat watching the show for the first time at exactly the same time as you do!

What I do know is that they have found a few clips with a rather nervous looking Penny being taken on the test drive routes and a few of me just about getting everything wrong!

We also get a chance to review some of my Teenage Kicks, the cars I lusted after as I was growing up but could never afford to insure let alone buy. We also get another chance to hear my round up of 'What not to buy' the top ten used cars that make the dealers quake (and at this point I can hear the Ford Probe owners firing up their computers to email in again).

Silverstone's coolest cat!

One of Jason's teenage kicks!

Anyway, with the current series at an end Penny and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope to be back on your screens at some time next year and will keep you updated as soon as we have confirmed filming dates and venues. The website will continue to be updated and the Used Car Radio shows will continue to appear.

Thanks to all of you who have sent in emails, questions and suggestions - I read every single one of them but it is not always possible to respond to them as quickly as we would like so here is the answer to a few on mass...... a) Yep I'll try to stop leaning on cars b) No cars were scratched in the making of this series c) Thank you we enjoyed it as well d) Yes Penny and I would love to race or rally any cars you have lying about and finally e) New series, yes - details to follow.

Jason's tinniest teenage kick!

Paula the Panda - ready for the Mongol Rally!!

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