In this weeks show Penny and I make a welcome return to Eastnor Castle near Ledbury where we enjoyed a very hot days filming in the first series. This year again saw the weather being kind to us so the 4x4 drivers who attend this annual Landrover World event were contending with dust bowls rather than muddy mires!

Our buyer, Mike Kemp had set his heart on finding a 4x4 that he and his wife could take on an African adventure. Being off-road virgins they were hoping that I could come up with suggestions that would fit the bill.

We also caught up with the latest in portable satellite navigation systems (something that Mike and his wife may want to consider) one of which appealed to Penny and I as you could use it to order drinks in different European languages – very useful when you’ve lost the ability to speak without slurring yourself.

We were all mightily impressed with some of the machinery on show, it even inspired Pole Cam operator John to rush out and buy a second hand Pajero a couple of weeks later.

Enough to tempt Mark?

We also uncovered an Italian executive car in the shape of an Alfa Romeo 164, which I reckon you can run for free for a year.  If you’ve ever wanted a luxury V6 then this one may be your cheapest option.

As always we had a really great day, my highlight was when Ms Mallory took me up and over a truck in a new Range rover. Now on camera it may not convey just how scary this is, but believe me Penny, the cameraman and I were all screaming like girls the first time we did it. So a bit thank you to the chaps from Land Rover who coached us through the experience – apparently if you are really flash you can do the whole thing backwards as well.

So we hope you enjoy watching this 4x4 episode, oh and if you enjoy the show let us know! The link on the home page sends your complements through to the team and ITV. As many of you have said you’d like to see the series get on to a terrestrial channel then your comments really can make a difference so please keep sending them in. Happy motoring!

Now that's what you call heavy metal!

What a bargain!

Dan and Mr Monkey!

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