In this weeks show Penny and I visit beautiful Catton Hall in Staffordshire for their annual classic car show, whilst our buyer of the week Debbie Wilencyz gets the chance to try out her perfect used car on the track at Oulton Park.

With an ultra reliable Toyota Carina to replace Debbie wants something thatís not going to let her down but still wants something thatís good to drive and pretty to look at, find out what I came up with in the show!

Meanwhile Penny and I met a guy that reckoned he could use the art of Feng Shui to predict a drivers character just by looking at there car, hmmmm. Now of course Iím never one to shy away from a challenge so when Penny set me the task of seeing if I could do better through Ďgut feelí alone I just had to have a go. The results were mixed but I reckon I did alright, see what you think.

A fine selection of Porsche 968s

We also got up close and personal with a selection of Porsche 968ís, a car I remember selling new in the early 1990ís. Back then it didnít exactly capture the imagination of buyers and sales stopped after just a few years. But over a decade on and at last these cracking front engined, rear wheel drive sports cars are starting to be rediscovered.

Weíve also another of Free Motoring for you to ponder, a car that if you buy at the right price could give you depreciation free motoring for  a year. What is it? Believe it or not a Lotus!

And finally I take a quick scout around the show to see if I can unearth some practical classics you can buy and run on a budget. Itís a pretty packed show, but thatís how we like it on the Used Car Roadshow!

What will our buyer of the week choose?

A cracking Lotus twin cam engine!

Try the next size up!!

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Buying a car the Feng Shui way - www.fengshuisociety.org.uk Stuart Graham Honda - www.stuartgrahamhonda.co.uk
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Car Valuation Service, £2.95/enquiry - www.glass.co.uk

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