In the first episode Penny and Jason welcome you to there brand new workshop, home to the Used Car Roadshow throughout the summer and are joined by a live studio audience of fellow petrol heads eager to see what cracking used cars the team have come up with!

We meet this week’s buyer, 25 year old Dave Booth, who is on the hunt for his next used car. With £10K to spend he wants a sporty hatchback that he can enjoy when he’s not hard at work. And a big hello to new presenter Zoë Hardman who, every week will be down at the auction ring making sure that one lucky punter gets a used car at a bargain price in the feature Auction Fever.  This week she joins 21 year old Samantha Hill, a student from Huddersfield is on the hunt for a £500 run around.

And then its back to the workshop where new boy ‘Pipes’ our resident mechanic will be showing us how to stay safe and save pounds in the brand new feature ‘Where’s the Jack’? Over the years Pipes has worked on everything from Aston Martin’s to Yugo Zastava’s and now he is sharing his expert knowledge so that you can avoid big bills for small jobs by learning how to do them yourself.

The new 'workshop'

Of course no episode of the Used Car Roadshow would be complete without Penny and Jason’s Teenage Kicks we’ve some real beauties to look forward this series including a Daimler Dart, De Tomaso Pantera and even a Dodge Charger. And if you would like us to feature your Teenage Kick then drop us a line at teenagekicks@usedcarroadshow.co.uk and we’ll see if we can get it on for you.

And finally we share with you some Body and Soul our new weekly feature all about modified cars. This week's VW Beetle is a truly cherished car with a surf board rear view mirror and customised steering wheel; you've got to see it to believe it. We hope you like the new look and feel of the show and please keep coming back to the website to see extra features being added as the series continues. If you have a car you would like us to feature or a story you would like to share we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at team@usedcarroadshow.co.uk we promise that every email is read and we try to respond to as many as we can personally. And you can read more from Jason in his Sunday Times motoring column or why not subscribe to his free weekly newsletter by CLICKING here.

A beautiful backdrop for the day

Dukes of Hazard eat your heart out

A Honda caused a stir

THIS EPISODE'S WEB LINKS:- To find out more about some of the tips and great cars featured on the   show;
Teenage Kicks - Porsche 924 http://www.porscheclubgb.com www.elvingtonairfield.co.uk

Auction Fever http://www.manheim.co.uk


Where's the Jack? - Tyre feature www.national.co.uk  www.rospa.com www.blackcircles.com